Monday, December 29, 2014

Second Helping


Unknown said...

Hello to you all. My name is Yaron and I live in Israel , Haifa. I have to share something unusual that I found... there is a very amazing connection between W B Yeats and his mystical activity (particularly since his marriage to George Hyde Lees & and her Automatic Script) and the result (the book itself , A Vision) to my physio coach.. She is a trainer in a method of training called GYROTONIC & GYROKINESIS. She works in a studio that its location is in Haifa ... Ha' Hofesh Lanua... Freedom to Move. Here are the links Her name is Adi Eshed Mantel. Her father 'surename when he came to Israel from Iran , was Arshadnia. Similar to the poem the Gift of Harun Al-Rashid. Also , her current surename is very similar to the names of two places where George Yeats communicated with the spirits.. Ashdown Forest and Ballinamantane .. Her private name , Adi , is written exactly like Rabindranath Tagore ' religion 'name, Adi Brahmo Samaj.. which W B Yeats wrote to him , his introduction to his Gitanjal.. Also.. She was born on the date ..November 10th..

Unknown said...

Self-Rethinking: a highly odd and very challenging theological subject (according to my point of view) , rather than amazing.